41 reason why bike is better than any man

  • Motorcycle never complains about you sitting on him
  • After a ride you can always leave the bike outside
  • Bike understands that there are times when you want to do nothing
  • You can ride in duo on bike
  • Motorcycle doesn’t moan if it has to carry luggage
  • Cycle doesn’t snore
  • Bike doesn’t care you have makeup on or not
  • You don’t have to prepare a dinner for bike
  • I’s always home on time
  • Bike does not wake you up in 3AM because he wants to go for a ride
  • If you want a new bike, you can simply sold the old one
  • If motorcycle looks bad, you can repaint it or upgrade any other way
  • If bike starts to loosen up, you can always tighten the screws
  • If its tank is full, it flies not snoozes
  • When cycle is too noisy, you can change the exhaust pipes
  • If motorcycle smokes, it can be repaired
  • If bike’s candle does not hold the pressure, you can always get a replacement
  • Riding with bike is exciting on both dry and wet surface
  • Bike doesn’t get jealous if your drive with other cycles
  • Cycle doesn’t swear if you’re a poor rider
  • It doesn’t care if you gaze at other bikes
  • Bike lasts longer
  • Motorcycle doesn’t suffer from unknown diseases
  • It will never want to sleep with others
  • Cycle doesn’t care about your outfit and appearance
  • You can keep spare parts in the garage
  • It always sounds good
  • Bike doesn’t have an urge to prove he’s the coolest bike in the hood
  • Nobody will judge you if you decide to change motorcycles every day
  • You can’t get pregnant in relationship with bike
  • It doesn’t care which size bra you wear
  • Liter of petrol is less expensive than a liter of beer
  • Bike tires can be burned
  • It can always be pushed to the side leg
  • Cycle doesn’t sweat. Even in sports mode
  • Motorcycle doesn’t have annoying parents
  • It loves shopping, if you do
  • Bike is patient and doesn’t scream at you if you’re slow person
  • Cycle doesn’t mind of rubber part use
  • You can ride bike any day of the month you want
  • And last but not least – if you’re with bike, you stand out in the crowd

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35 reason why bike is better than any woman

  • Motorcycle doesn’t care about birthdays and anniversaries
  • You don’t need to speak to it after riding it
  • Bike doesn’t care if you ignore it
  • Cycle is never jealous on you
  • It doesn’t snore
  • Bike doesn’t wake you up in the middle of night with a question do you love me?
  • Motorcycle won’t leave you for another driver
  • You don’t have to pay alimony to your ex-bikes
  • If you swear on cycle, you don’t have to apologize before riding it
  • If it looks pretty bad, you can get a tuning
  • Cycle isn’t interested how much other cycles you own
  • You can change the exhaust if you don’t like the sound
  • If motorcycle is too soft, you can always adjust the shock absorbers
  • For a loosen bike you can tighten the screws
  • If bike smokes, this can be corrected
  • It’s not a crazy thing to get attached to your bike
  • Bike always ready for a spin
  • It doesn’t care at what time you arrive home
  • Bikes doesn’t get pregnant
  • Motorcycles don’t have parents to worry about
  • It doesn’t mess with your head if you’re driving sucks
  • Cycle doesn’t care if you’re paying attention to other bikes
  • Bike doesn’t wain if something is not perfect
  • It’s never late for meeting, you both arrive on the same time
  • You can ride motorcycle as long as you want without rubbing off anyhting
  • Bike loves all your friends, even the crazy and creepy ones, and does not mind that you spend much time with them
  • Your motorcycle will never want to sleep with other motorcycles
  • Before driving on it, shower is not mandatory
  • You don’t have to spend time and energy to explain your bike that you’re the driver and all bikes are the same
  • Bike needs a new chain or belt when the old is actually worn out
  • Motorcycle always sounds good
  • You can store spare parts in the garage
  • Nobody is going to punish you if you decide to change cycles every day
  • Motorcycle disassembly is rather an entertainment and not a necessity
  • Bike doesn’t mind if you eat garlic, onions and other smelly foods or not

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How to choose your first bike? This time tips for women

You’re full of determination to take one of the bravest steps in your life and finally decided to buy a motorcycle. Congratulations, the following article is exactly for you! Since we truly believe that our experience is vast enough, we would love to share it with you!

When choosing the fist bike, your expectations might not coincide with your actual abilities. For instance, your heart starts beating like crazy when you see Yamaha R1 and you think to yourself F*ck yeah, this is what I want!

To talk at least a bit of common sense to you, we would like to remind you that any motorcycle is a power keg you’re sitting on. It can explode at any moment. Motorcycles like Yamaha R1 belong to the so called High Performance class and are intended solely for racing purposes – they should be driven only be drivers with sufficient experience and skills, those who are well aware of their actual limits. Breaching those limits usually means inevitable crashes and injuries. To put it simple, motorcycles don’t forgive you for your mistakes. Considering all of the above, you must understand that this is your first, not the last motorcycle!

Properties that you should take into account when evaluating the possible motorcycle options:

  • is it cheap enough (don’t forget that you have to pay for the insurance as well)
  • is it practical enough (by that meaning the engine size and its location)
  • does it have any spoilers or tuning
  • does it fit your dimensions (for instance, can you touch the ground when sitting on it)
  • can you lift it without assistance

We’ve tested many different bikes and have come across such things that would not been able to image in the past. One of such things has been handling – had bought a cycle that was quite difficult to maneuver, it was nearly impossible to drive between two cars with it. This often resulted in hazardous situations – about to fall of, topple to one side or the other etc. Motorcycles we’ve had problems like these are Gixxer 750 ZX7R and CBR900 – large, heavy and the driver can’t support them on both feet. Of course, this is not an issue for experienced drivers, but you have to gain this experience somehow at the beginning.. Do it by steering away from these monsters, and we believe you’ll be fine. More or less, haha!

1998 suzuki GS500The first bike our colleague Melissa had was the 1998 Suzuki GS500E, so called naked bike without any spoilers. Since the bike has only 500 cubes, overtaking maneuvers on highways were quite exclusive events. At about 90 miles per hour engine is roaring like crazy, but it still was possible to keep up with superbikes (if they did not fly faster than 115 miles per hour). She chose this bike cause it was relatively cheap and didn’t have those expensive plastic details that would cost her a small fortune to repair or substitute in case of an accident. Yes, some of her pulled a leg, but it did not matter – she knew her limits and wasn’t ashamed of them. After all, this was her first, not the last cycle!

We suggest to set your budget below $ 3,000. It may sound suspiciously little, but it’s possible to find quite good things if not nuggets! Melissa paid for her first bike $ 2,750 and went a year without any upgrades, just regular checkups and maintenance works.

In our opinion the best models to start with are:

  • Suzuki GS500
  • Kawasaki EX500
  • Ninja 250
  • Suzuki SV650

For additional information we recommend to check the Motor Safety Foundation website, there is plenty of great stuff for appraising motorcyclists.

Cigarette lighter socket. An accessory that is convenient everywhere

Yes, many of us smoke (but hopefully are not on fire). So what? This advice won’t have anything to do with us telling how dangerous smoking is to your health, how it reduced you life expectancy and further on. This post will be about one of the cheapest motorcycle accessories you can get – cigarette lighter socket. Make sure you have one on your motorcycle board in a working condition – it can help you in many unpredictable situations or even save your life

As with any device on the motorcycle, it should have a security switch and should be connected directly to battery, not the ignition key as it is for rest of the accessories and equipment. In such setup the cigarette lighter socket can be used even if the ignition is not turned on.

Since this unit is not waterproof, it should be installed in luggage compartment with its opening facing down.

Do you have a mobile phone? There has been an urgency when you need to call somebody but the battery has gone out? You won’t have to worry about this anymore, simply plug charger in the socket and talk as long as you please. Of course, it’s possible to get by without such comfort in daily situations, but think about times when you’re somewhere far away from civilized places. At that point such feature can be a true life savior.

Have you ever spend a night at camping or in a tent? Do you always get tired of blowing air in a mattress? Usual air pump can be operated through a regular cigarette lighter socket – you’ll get electricity that will do the exhausting task for you.

Have you ever had a need to charge a battery? Reaching poles of the charger cords have been a terrible nightmare? You have always been afraid of breaking those plastic dowels hold coating? In addition, there is always a possibility that you will accidentally connect the battery to the charger improperly, and hence damage the battery. Want to know the solution? It’s simple – make a jack for the charger that fits cigarette lighter socket and you’ve hacked the problem!

This is just a brief description of the opportunity a regular cigarette lighter socket offers.

This simple, low cost and versatile gadget should be included in every motorcycle’s base equipment, even if that’s politically incorrect.

Random fact: did you know that acceleration helps to save fuel?

From a trustworthy source we have recently found out and tested ourselves that a rapid acceleration genuinely helps to reduce the fuel consumption of any motorcycle type. This should automatically mean that its more environmentally friendly, doesn’t it? Turn the gas handle to two thirds as fast as you can, and your wallet and the environment will thank you for it…

biker accelerating fastSwedish Research Center has tried to prove wrong a general belief that under a rapid acceleration engine does not completely burn the fuel, so the old man who peacefully ride with their rovers use less juice.

Swedish Research Center manager Mark Doherty suggests that the gas must be open to two thirds because at that point is reached the best mixture of air and fuel in a cylinder. Upon an observation of 1,000 motorcycles it was determined that this method ensured a fuel savings of about 15%.

He also disclosed that many bikers that accelerate fast, have a driving style that is closer to the optimum than the majority of motorcyclists. Anyone who used to become worried about the fuel expenses seeing that somebody is accelerating super fast, can now stop worrying and, in fact, be happy and pleased with that!

Moreover, by driving fast you also help the environment around you! What news can be better than theses???

Parking at night, in heavy wind

You are away from your home and stay there overnight. You think to leave the bike somewhere nearby, but notice that wind comes in force. Should you cover it or just leave it like it is, uncovered? And should you put it on the big legs or small will handle just fine?

Let’s start with the second question, perhaps it’s much easier to find an answer on it. Accept it as a rule and leave it on the small leg (except if you’re parking it in a garage or an underground parking space).

Compared to the central support, the side support provides more prop points in a triangular form – ensuring more secure and stable parking for your motorcycle. Only exception could be a situation when the motorcycle with such support is not standing firmly, for instance, if motorcycle springs are damaged or one of the tires is empty, or the luggage is too heavy, or the surface is oblique to the right. If the bike does not stand securely to your side with it’s full weight on the support, it’s easily overthrown to the other side.

As mats function very well in strong wind and rain, we recommend using them when you need to spend time (also night) somewhere by the nature. They have proven to be specially useful in cities – to reduce potential risk of theft and excessive expressions of attention from people around. In worst case scenario you’ll get your mat damaged, but your bike paintjob will remain intact.

Remember to tie up to the bottom of mat through the bottom of the motorcycle, it gives an additional defense and prevents the cover from being blown away. Moreover, this trick can discourage a potential thievery. Take a good care of your motorcycle and it will take a good care of you. Cheers!